The Dive Spot, Inc.

Swim lessons

The Dive Spot pool is outdoors, thus our swim lessons are offered only during the summer.

Swim lesson information for 2018 is pending. The dates, forms, etc. are typically available here in mid-spring.

Swim Lessons for Babies to Adults

Swimming Pool open to the public FOR SWIMMING LESSONS

  • Swim lessons are for all ages 6 mos and older.
  • Adults, too!
  • Eight 30-min lessons per two week session
  • Parent orientation on day one
  • Parent/child lessons during StarBabies and StarTots
  • Select morning, afternoon, or evening
  • Swim diapers required as needed
  • Consult the Swim Level Guide and Assistant

       as needed

  • Group sizes average from 3 to 6 students
  • Please apply sunscreen at home
  • Students age 4+ wear eye protection
  • Persons not directly involved in the lesson wait behind the fence during lessons to avoid distracting kids